More “The Adventure of the Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険): “FLUTE 0”

Linking to the previous entry about this work, The Adventure of Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険; yūsha furūto no bōken) by Mrs. Asakura Rei.

So, after a long time, months even, I managed to get through the first part of the child segment, and I have a lot to go through. A LOT! So, since its in Japanese, and while I’m going through the story, I’ll be reporting about it.

Some spoilers.

So the first part of the child saga is “The Adventure of Hero Flute – First story ・The golden stone of magic”  (勇者フルートの冒険・始まりの物語 ~魔法の金の石~) .  Also called “Flute 0“. There are eleven chapters:

  • 1.Flute (フルート; furūto)
  • 2.Resolution (決心; kesshin)
  • 3.The demon forest (魔の森; ma no mori)
  • 4.Beast (獣; )
  • 5.Monster (怪物; kaibutsu)
  • 6.A white face (白い顔; shiroi kao)
  • 7.Snake (蛇; hebi)
  • 8.Fountain (泉; sen)
  • 9.Golden stone (金の石; kin no ishi)
  • 10.Miracle (奇跡; kiseki)
  • 11.A starry sky (星空; hoshizora)

A summary in short: Flute is a small boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Along with his gentle heart, you’d probably think he was a girl. He lives in the village of Sill (シル; shiru). The story starts with Flute’s village life and we learn of some of the characters, such as the drunkard Goris (ゴーリス; gorisu) and the arrogant Jack, plus the tale of a dangerous, cursed forest. Things change when Flute’s father returns to town, severely injured. Seeing everyone in deep concern, especially his crying mother, Flute resolved himself to enter the cursed forest and to find the magical stone that is said to heal any wound. He is accompanied by Lisa and Jack, going through obstacles, and even fighting back and cleverly fooling dangerous monsters. Eventually, the elder of the fountain appears before Flute, who having shown his courage was awarded the stone. When Flute returned home, he successfully healed his father. It was considered a miracle.

In the last chapter, “A Starry Sky”, it turns out that Goris is a knight and he looked high and low for the hero of the magical stone. The hero was needed for a great darkness approached. Only Goris and Jack, the latter being injured against a snake, knew that Flute carried the magical stone.

Shortly before finishing the 9th chapter, I took some time to e-mail Asakura myself to show her my appreciation. I also sent her a very very casual sketch of Flute and Nintendo’s Kirby (her son likes Kirby) because she had a gallery of fanart from her readers.

To my surprise, she responded and acknowledged my message in her blog.

Since I did such a horrible job, I plan to do another drawing, putting in a little more time and effort this time to make up for it. Also, for Rei-san and her family. To be honest, I am surprised that she replied. And, I am glad.

This is what it looks like so far:

 photo kiflurough_gray_zpsfb7jksjs.jpg

More Flute in the future.



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