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Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ)): Also known as “Knights of the Zodiac” and “Los Caballeros del Zodiaco” is an action and fantasy comic series by Kurumada Masami. It was adapted into an animated series. Greek Mythology is a popular motif.

50 Shades of Gray: An erotic book trilogy by E.L James.

Nekketsu (熱血): A Japanese term meaning “passion” and “ardent”, or “to put heart/soul into it”.


This must’ve took five days. At least. The holidays are over.

A continuation of my previous ramble on writing, how reading is important, a reminder of my ignorance in linguistics, and describing my simple philosophy of “Write what you know“.

I try to go for just about everything, or rather, that is my goal. So I end up taking up difficult writing challenges such as sci-fi, crime, suspense, and historical fiction. Fantasy and myth are about neck and neck, tying to a range of phenomenon and supernatural creatures that anyone can pull out of their minds. I also attempt the “ideologically sensitive” (war, racial discrimination, religion, homosexuality) to enter the mind of a person unlike myself, and to question the events that has unfolded today and yesterday. I guess you could say that I am fascinated with the world and the conundrums that it produces. War, science and technology, sociology, etc.

I try to be down-to-earth.

And I try to write it like it’s “personal”. Not 2nd person point of view, but a subjective perspective. The perspective of the character(s), their experience, stimuli, put into words to follow in the story. If I believe that I am “writing a story”, there’s a feeling of pressure. Then a story would feel like an “item”, “document”, a piece of material.

Almost as commonly as the phrase “Show not tell”, there are the phrases “read back what your wrote” and “see if it makes sense to you.” Try to enjoy your own story.

Returning to the topic of fanfiction, and how some professional authors call it “illegal” and “immoral”. Isn’t it inevitable for fanfic to “change the source”?  But, I understand. I grew to find discontent in fanfic by many disgusting examples; trust me, you don’t have far to look. Alternative realities, gender bending, forced relationships, altered characters, etc. Makes you wonder if such writers are familiar with the source or if they’re even pleased. It was just a wonder.

Kind of reminds me of what I heard someone say about the 2nd “50 Shades of Grey” book : “Too much talking.” Why was I reminded of that? Because the series gets its reputation for being filthily dirty, and swaying from what makes the books peak (no pun intended?) seems to be a downer of a choice. Your mouth can kiss, but it can speak too.

Most cases, of course one is pleased. Thus, the reason for being inspired and to write something that you love.

Some of the things that I find in the Saint Seiya fandom are unbelievable. One (in Spanish/Espanol) had Gemini Paradox and Dragon Shiryu in a porn film together. It is probably understandable as I’m quite sure the idea alone stems from Paradox’s obsession to Shiryu from Season 1. When you read, you enter a “suspension of disbelief” and accept it. This “consistency” comes from Paradox’s fixation.

Another one is from a Seiya Omega fan video project, also in Spanish. I didn’t get in deep with the story’s details, but basically the main character Seiya ends up sleeping with the goddess that he served, Athena. It kind of shocked me at first, making me think bitterly that this was just some way to indecently reinforce a pairing to satisfy our lust.

but then I realized it was a love potion #9 type of folly, caused by the goddess Aphrodite. The goddess, and not the Gold Saint of Pisces by the way. In the Greek myth, Aphrodite causes mortals to lustfully fall in love with one another, and even Athena’s siblings has been her enemies. Therefore, in this SS fan video, Aphrodite, in league with the god Ares, put a curse on Athena and Seiya as an act of revenge. Then, Aphrodite relayed a message to the Pope, saying that Athena and Seiya betrayed the Sanctuary [the divine home of the goddess and training ground for her Saints]. In her words, “A terrible occurrence befell on you. Seiya and Athena has succumbed to their instincts”.

I thought it was brilliant. Very Greek familiar, very Seiya. There’s substance within the plot, creating tension to make you want to learn more. Reading into further details calmed me down. Plus, I don’t think Athena and Seiya were sleeping together, but rather Aprodite cursed Athena’s uterus with Seiya’s Cosmo energy? I don’t think either idea is below Aphrodite.

In a fanfiction based on Katekyo Hitman Reborn (家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!), a comic about a kid training to become a mafia leader, the character Squalo eventually ends up with XANXUS; in the actual source material, Squalo is the right hand man of XANXUS, and both are known to be quite tough and to have a turbulent relationship. So far, it is a well done story. Unfortunately, I am a slow reader; there is hints of Squalo being interested in XAN’s strength, but not “romance”.

I, myself, have made a story reflecting the fairy tail Three Billy Goats Gruff (De tre bukkene Bruse). While its an original story, not based on an fandom, would it be consider a “fanfic” since its from another’s work? Or just a reiteration? I may even do a retelling of the Seven Samurai.

I want stories to pertain some level of believably. I read some fanfic cases where its interwoven so well that I was able to put aside the inconsistencies.

My works…

Of course my works are embarrassing, but I always find the pursuit of a voice important. So I end up doing adventure and drama most of the time. Something that could communicate easily.

I would say that I go for an orthodox style.

With Monster Rancher, it’s discovering the lore of a variety of animals, and the lore. With Saint Seiya, it’s using a strong, rough voice; seiya is called a “nekketsu” (熱血) or an emotionally driven story.

Write when you feel its right.

Read an adventure.


SS omega Locofuria Project


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