A rough week of work and preparation.

My shopping was late, and it’s only til this morning that I did my share of gift wrapping because I was just too tired. I only shopped yesterday. There’s going to be a party and I have to work tomorrow (a short day, but it’s still another early morning, and I mostly work weekend). To avoid killing myself on the road, maybe I should just online shop shortly after Black Friday.

here’s my newest sketch. I’m actually being a liiiiiiitle bit careful. For niece, I wanted to place this under the tree. When she wakes up, I want to hear her say “PIKACHU! CAILLOU!” (I almost bought her a Pokemon PJ set, but it was blue and “for boys”? Pokemon is for boys?) While this has been an idea for days, I’m just now sketching it. May have to cut it short, ink and just color it lightly. She’ll appreciate it no?

This is my first time drawing Caillou. He seems like the most simplest character, and I tried Pikachu a couple times before. Pikachu’s really off here, but I’m not going for quality due to time. It’s for a 4 year old.

And it makes me happy.

Everyone, have a Merry Xmas (Christmas) , Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.


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