Doggie Writing Ramble

Word Meaning
PLAN My intended actions to determine goal; sketch of produced ideas; gathering info
DRAFT Getting it on paper. A first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision, copying, etc
REVISE Analyzing and evaluation for clarity, unity, coherence. Editing and proofreading

No Sketch a Day for a while, maybe next week. Holidays are a pain. I did this entry in a span of three or four days.

I remembered a question: “Must you read books to write?”

And, I’ve seen both the answers of “yes” and “no”, the latter possibly meaning that you don’t have to read a lot in order to begin writing, or its some kind of mental assurance to avoid imitating another’s style or to avoid disparaging what you’re capable of. I know for sure that I haven’t read many books. Many could speak of Edgar Allen Poe’s dreadful horror, Stephen King’s (with a capital) Thrillers, or Shakesphere’s poetic tragedies, pull it out of their heads as exemplary writing. I can’t, but hope to fix that in the future. I have classics such as The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe (which is quite wrong because that is not the start of the Narnia series) and Rats of Nimh, and I have modern or overseas books such as Yukikaze, American Sniper, and The Martian.

I’ll say this though – no matter what, you’re going to read. If not for adventure or to tingle the senses as you turn the page, then for something to support your analysis, your ideas, and to study. No matter what, research is a step towards habitual careerism. From thesis to creative writing, I was equally passionate. I wasn’t confident in college parlance; for the longest, I really thought that “more and complicated was better“, or if I had a long vocab, I’ll become an incredible writer. “The longer the sentence, the better, I thought. That kept popping into my mind because I am often forgetful. Even when reading a novel, I have the urge to grab a dictionary and ask myself, “Why was this sentence structured in such a way?”

But I often read statements such as “concise was better” and “show, not tell“, or along those lines.  The latter seems like a cliche now, but a fundamental in writing.

While writing through the years, I didn’t understanding, or rather “remember” (because I’m not in middle or high school anymore, and didn’t consider fully pursuing in being an author. That’s another story) why I was composing words and phrases the way that I was. I thought it was just picked up, a natural talent from being able to read well at a young age. I was being arrogant, often told that I was good writer. Therefore, I thought that I had been right.

There were specific rules.

Some narrative elements were easy to pick up and remember such as point of view (POV) and setting, as I often come across them when looking up the answers to “How to write”. They are preliminary factors in a story, the “where” and the “how” the story goes.

But, there are some things such as connotation vs denotation, Parts of Speech, Clause and Phrases, and the use of some punctuation, that I needed refreshing in. This may be a common problem among writers too along with spelling. Funny enough, I use the word “denote” a lot in writing, to describe something that wasn’t obscure in language or vision, but not the word”connote”. Thus it’s easier for me to remember the meaning of “denotation”. Instead of “connote”, I use “imply” so much more.


When it comes to storytelling, I follow a very simple philosophy. “Write what you know” (Escribe sobre lo que sabes).

I made that mean that I should write showing my appreciation for a particular fandom or characteristic in literature, game, tv/movie, etc. I want to prove that I am a fan of (or I comprehend/familiar of) this and I love that. Funny enough, when I wrote “Mōrōtaru” (朦朧たる; hazy/dimmed), a fan fic based on the Playstation 2 game Shinobi, I never played the game. I only watched gameplay, but I did play the previous 2-D games in the series.

My views on Fanfiction are pretty much ambivalent. Sometimes, I was would read things that made me think, “What-is-this CRAP?!” and “Why would anyone think of writing this?” Even some professional authors have admitted that they’re against fanfic because it can basically change the image of their long thought out source work, or they can be sued for “stealing a fic writer’s idea”. FF’s been called “immoral” even, and “a paucity of imagination”, or its damaging to use a different interpretation of their characters. Pretty harsh I’d say. There is the other side of the coin of course. Seeing garbage myself kind of pushed me (here’s an interesting piece of babble from Greg Wiseman, co-creator of Gargoyles, one of my favorite series) to be conventional because I did happen to read material that was “damaging”.

So a part of my above-mentioned philosophy wanted to somehow “honor the creators”. I can’t escape “changing” a thing or two, but I wanted it to be close to believable. But no matter what, you want to create something that’ll make you keep turning pages.

That’s all for today. The holidays need to end.

More on what I write next time, both fan and original. This was my intention for today but I cut it short.



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