SaD + Today’s Doggie Brave Frontier Catch

Eyes are unaligned.

Today’s Sketch-A-Day (SaD) is Shinomori Aoshi (四乃森 蒼紫) from Ruruouni Kenshin, created by Japanese comic artist Watsuki Nobuhiro (和月 伸宏). Watsuki was a big fan of the Shinsengumi group and based Aoshi’s design on the group’s vice commader, Hijikata Toshizo. I think Aoshi’s coat is based on Marvel’s Gambit. I hope to draw him better in the future; it only took a few minutes but was glad to put him on paper since he’s one of my favorite characters. Many of Kenshin’s antagonists are based on payback. Vengeance, some kind of greed, especially when it comes to the newly installed Meiji Goverment, replacing the feudal tent “follow a military general”. Aoshi is no exception, seeking the title of “The Strongest”, to a point where he fell into deeper darkness.

I’m still being considerate about my oral socket so, despite the lack of pain, I’ve been careful with what I eat and drink, and how.

Today, while playing Brave Frontier, I wanted to test my luck in Divine Summoning. Why must Gumi tempt me so much?

I was trying my hardest to get to 100 Gems, but that’d take a while. I got up to about seventy. With the exception of a couple of units that I’ve already gained (that includes Bestie and Darvam), here’s the new characters:

 photo chara_zpsu0wzfrqj.png

When I see those dark eyes, I assume a demon or a follower of the fallen gods.  Savia is a water unit who’s leader skill increases Attack and MAX HP; her brave burst increases spark invulnerability.

 photo SEFIA80per_zpsjl1yuj5v.jpg

Clearly one of the best. Finally SEFIA! For a longest time, I wanted Bestie and Sefia, especially the latter. I always had a friend with a Level 7 Sefia, but wanted my own.

 photo heorine_zps5ccyvdvs.png


 photo firedemon_zps8bji2rn4.png

“Hello, it’s me”. Flame Demon Adel. Brave Burst (BB) increases spark damage and there’s defensive properties.


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