Oral Pain and Courage – Results


I worked from Sunday to Wednesday. Thursday, I went out to dinner, took out the tree, made preparations from the upcoming Christmas. I actually still need to buy gifts.

Then Friday came. Nerve racking Friday. I slept through most of the morning to avoid eating breakfast. Today was my dentist appointment.

So I’m back about an hour and a half later. Took my medicine and eating ice cream (and I’m all for the ice cream after any procedure!). Next is the soup ūüėČ Hey, I’m just practicing.

I have a public service announcement: We’re afraid of Islam and foreigners, and anything out of the ordinary or different? But isn’t the biggest “terrorist” the internet?

Why did I say that?

Because when you’re afraid, or maybe I should say¬†when I’m afraid, I want to research to ease my worries. “What do I expect?” I wonder to myself. Internet is a cesspool of bigotry, misinformation, flaming, etc. All of this through text and through imagery (why look at surgery vids when you don’t see it in the first place?).¬†When I read about the experience of others getting their wisdom teeth taken out, I think 1 out of 10 people explained that they did not have to be¬†put to sleep or¬†on NO. Sleep is mostly for major surgery such as impacted teeth or getting all four out. If it’s the best option. I almost went with the NO “just in case”.

When I was supposed to go last week, and ended up getting sick, I think I wanted to cry. Today, I was a little more relaxed for some reason, but I brought my stress ball with me. I only had to take out one tooth; as I expected, there was pain later on.

So I sat in my chair, was numbed with jellied anesthetic, then given a shot full of¬†novocaine. Probably the “worse” thing that happened was waiting for how long it took to get the tooth out. You see the instruments going through your mouth, including heavy forceps (?!), a garden tool looking tent stake, and something that looks like you break snack nuts with, and you’re just waiting for the teeth to come out. It must’ve been over ten minutes. You really wonder, “What could they possibly be using those tools for?”

And, there’s the crackling sound you hear when they cut through the tooth. I couldnt’ tell if they were breaking the tooth or scratching the surface of my tooth. It could’ve been both. Fortunately, I didn’t feel anything except for the shoving. Of course, there is the taste of blood.

After the procedure, the pain was familiar: It was irritable, ¬†but not paralyzing. My stitches would tickle the underside of my upper jaw, but I’m good so far.¬†I think it would’ve been a bit rough if I had all four taken out. Even with medicine, I would’ve had pain all over my cheeks.

This is just the first day however. I should think about caring for the clot. I’d like to see how the healing ends up.



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