Sketch a Day + Hobby

I missed a day of my sketch, so here’s one for Monday. I’ve been pretty tired lately. My dentist appointment is Friday; my sinuses are still a problem.


Now what I was possibly attempting here? As I mentioned in a previous entry, I like Saint seiya and I’ve been ambitious with drawing its style. Thus, the constant attempts on the Japanese anime style. Along with the drawing hobby, I also write. Fanfiction is without a doubt an object of widespread ambivalence. It shows the passion of those who experienced (and appreciated) the works of others, but on the other hand, sometimes fanfiction makes you ask “What the Hell are you thinking?!” That’s for another day.

I brought it up because I do Saint Seiya fic, and today’s heading (or feature image) is an idea for a few of the antagonists. I wanted to get Boron’s (lower right) character for the longest, and just started thinking on his armor.

It’s the first time drawing Arion (upper right). I’m not sure of his hair; he rides a horse and was looking for a regal look. Since it’s the first time, I won’t have much.

Be careful when you look for Seiya fanfic though. From what I’ve seen, the fandom is pretty bizarre. ^.^;

For this Sketch a Day, I’ll name it, “OC Seiya Baddies“.


It surprises me. Since June, the more I practiced, the more I appreciated the flexibility of shapes. The more I enjoyed stroking a simple circle, understanding pressure and the type of lines I can make, the more I wanted to understand proportions, composition, and so much more.

Unfortunately, I can be a bit impatient, plus I am weak in a very significant technique: Shadow/shade. I can understand the meaning of how you determinate shade based on where the light comes from, but can’t seem to properly put it on paper. You notice the long bone of the nose, and the skin around your eyes being dark, and it brings out the face. It’s disappointing to be unable to do a close to real portrait, so I’m so affixed on working on the face. I tried to do Abraham Lincoln a month ago and it was an embarrassment.

Plus, my hand isn’t always steady, so Perspective might be difficult too.

Someday, I want to get to a level of key visual/promo art.

As for writing, I’ll talk about it another time. My philosophy is to “Write what you know”. I pretty much attempt just about everything.

Except smut….I can’t.


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