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I like the Saint Seiya series.

So when I sat down and actually took the time to sketch some characters from the Omega spin off months ago, it took off. And ever since, I gained this obsession to draw that hairstyle correctly. The late comic artist/animator/director Araki Shingo (荒木 伸吾), famous for lending his skill in the retro animation of Seiya, had this pretty (and sometimes grotesque) style in his characters.

But this is more like the style of Yoshihiko Umakoshi (馬越 嘉彦), who was a character designer and animation director in the Seiya Omega series. Seeing the eyes and the spiked hair in Omega, however, you can see inspirations from Araki.

For some reason, the hair didn’t behave in today’s sketch. And it’s probably better to snap from my phone?

If anyone wonders, I prefer to do line because I’m loose, and amateur. Sometimes, on a rough day, I just want to calm down and do something quick and casual.

But I hope in the future, I will improve much much more, and break out of lineart.

Note: I often forget that your hand can be as big as your face, and the hand is minuscule here. It should be fixed.


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