Oral Pain and Courage

On the top of our heads, we can name fears that universally effects us human beings.

Such as heights, spiders, deep water, snakes,and …

…and there’s going to the doctor. Susceptible to both oral and ear ache, and thanks to being worried over lack of funds and pain, I left alone an ongoing problem for years.

I went back to the dentist after who knows how long.

And, I kept in my wisdom teeth, despite the advice of getting them removed from my last visit. Anyone in the medical field are quite quick to give this “watch out/we must do this” advice. ¬†The wisdoms are harder to reach and are prone to collecting bacteria. So, no matter how much I brushed and spat ACT and Colgate, one of them ended up decaying pretty bad.

However, I came to the decision that this week I’m going to remove that one decaying back molar. Just one.

The start of this week, as the day of the appointment grew near, I was getting mentally anxious. I couldn’t stop thinking about it at work. The dentist was nice, and I wanted to believe in her saying that it wouldn’t be long and that I would be under anesthesia, but we as humans have this inborn fear of medical practices.

I’d like to think that if I’ve been through canker sore and biting my gums, maybe the aftermath of taking out wisdom teeth will be more or less a familiar pain? Thus, it’ll be bearable enough.

I know this is a common fear. To be honest, I want to blog about this as soon as possible after extraction, and see if I can lay down how to deal with anxiety.


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