Summoner Doggie’s Brave Frontier Tips: I

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On Twitter, I came up with the idea of giving out gametips, because the mobile game Brave Frontier (ブレイブフロンティア), courtesy of GUMI, is a pull in. At first, I did not expect it. I told myself, “I could use something to play with on my phone” because all I did was work. I wanted something refreshing; by any means, I wanted to play a new game.

I guess the bright look of the RPG, a Japanese RPG, intrigued me to download BF. And it was a good choice. I’d be upset if I was unable to recover any data because the game made me want to test my limits.

Over 8000 characters, beautifully drawn, with their own background stories; a main storyline, difficult side quests, and I guess it’s basically Pokemon: Putting aside the story, you gotta catch ’em all (character entries).

To avoid entering a long chatter about the system of Brave Frontier, I better get to the point of this entry: Game Tips.

In BF, there are “Special Challenges” (Akras Admin Office), “Grand Quests”, “Frontier Hunter/Gate”, Trials (Summoners Research Lab) Raid Battle,  which stand high in difficulty. Of course there are regional bosses in the main storyline, and Ishgria (which is literally Hell).

This first tip is for The Amorphous Being, a mission in Ignia Cavern located in the region of Cordelica. I frankly dislike this creature, but had to return to the Cavern for a special challenge that I accepted: “Complete each Amorphous Being battle in 1 turn”. A battle also includes the agonizing boss round.

I’m glad I did returned because the challenge made me committed to strategy. It is absolutely preferred that you kill The Slime (boss of last round) in 1 turn or 2 due its defensive skills.

But the tough thing is that you have to have units that are at least 6*. Part of the determination depends on your unit training, and it’s a little rough when Cordelica is the second region in the main story. Also, when will you get good units?

To be honest, I can’t remember how I defeated the Slime the first time. I might’ve used poison.

When I did the Special Challenge, I can’t fully recall my team, but I really recommend bringing a fire unit with a defense-ignoring Brave Burst such as Vanberk or Orwen (6* Super BB). Ignis Cavern is full of water type enemies (weak against thunder), but the Slime itself is an earth based enemy (weak against fire).

I DO remembering bringing Farlon, the reckless member of the 12 Guardians, and Vargas, the fire warrior of the Six Heroes. Farlon recently gained a 7 Star, and both he and Vargas can increase the damage of fire units when set at leaders. I must’ve brought a thunder type such as Eze or Loch, both of them having highly offensive Brave bursts, to deal with the water units before the boss. Loch at 6 and 7 star has a super brave burst that deals massive damage. However, the thunder types weaken against the boss.

Other good suggestions are Ciara (probably one of the most feared fire units) Fiora (who’s BB can change allies’ attacks to fire and thunder), and Grandt (heavy offensive)

Another important factor is keeping your Brave Burst gauges up. With that in mind, I have a feeling that I brought Archer Lario with me. 6 Star Lario may not seem much, but not only can he increase BC drop, he has a multi-hitting super brave burst. On the fire side, there’s Bestie! Other non-fire type units such as Feeva and Sefia are good with increasing gauge.

Next thing is items. Bring items that will increase the fire type damage such as Fire Ore and Blaze Stone (50% increase. Add this with leader buffs). Bring them with you and use them at the boss. And pray.

That’s right: Stack up the percentage damage. Don’t be fair.

I could do the quest again and come back with a more accurate record.


Currently, I am doing the 10k battle crystals quest. The key may be BC leader skills/brave bursts and overkills.

I might just do character analysis for BF since there are over 4000. ^.6)


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