Hungry for Mach 5

Back in May of this year, it was announced that the Tatsunoko Production  (bringing you Shurato, Yatterman, and various other works) had plans to bring back “Mach Go GO Go” (マッハ GoGoGo), or famously known in the West as “Speed Racer” to a modern audience which probably means CGI….  Ever since that announcement, I waited patiently for more info. I have yet to find more on it so far.

The original 1960s series can be watched on Nico Nico Douga. It’s indeed dated, with its jumpy Space Ghost, Johnny Quest look and action. If you watched Hanna Barbera shows, I think you can handle it.

For now, we have the Toyota MC86 adopting the Mach 5 paint for Super GT season.

One of my first fictional vehicle loves is still the MACH FIVE.


“GO!” (Go Mifune, Mach GoGoGO/Speed Racer)

Aside from its sleek white convertible chassis and red “m” on its hood, what makes the Mach 5 distinct is its accessories. Its steering wheel contains buttons lettered from A to G, used to trigger the car’s special functions to help Speed/Go to get through a difficulty.

A Button: “A” means “Auto jack” (オートジャッキ), which makes the Mach 5 the most memorable to me. Four metal lifts spring out from under the car, giving it a jump from off the surface. When the jack is engaged, there’s also this echoing sound it makes. Also, I think the main character would yell out the function?

B Button: “B” is “Belt tire” (ベルトタイヤ). How useful can this be for any car? For rugged terrain such as mountains and off road, a tracked belt covers the wheels for better friction. Is it equivalent to a tank tread?

C Button: “C” is “Cutter” (カッター). Basically, the buzzsaws you see in the above picture, folding out from the front. Mostly for cutting a thick obstacle such as a tree. Is is just as memorable as the auto jack?

D Button:  D” is “Defenser” (ディフェンサー). Mach 5’s canopy closes and is bulletproof. It also helps when the car is submerged in water.

E Button: “E” is “Evening Eye” (イブニングアイ) or nightvision goggles. Infrared rays coordinated with the racer’s helmet.

F button: “F” is “Frogger” (フロッガー). Nothing to do with the game. Combined with Defenser, Frogger basically turns the Mach 5 into a submarine, equipped with oxygen tank and periscope.

G Button: The big “G” in the middle of the wheel is “Gizmo”. Does anyone remember the bird? Gizmo is the remote controlled flying device sent out for recon. It can also be used for attack.

That is the legend of Mach Go.

As for detailed specifications, such as speed, weight, and length, it has long been a wonder, and it seems that only the ’97 version of Mach 5 has mechanical details?





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