Doggie & Mobile Suit Gundam: Ep 1 – 5

Five years ago, I watched and completed the cult classic Mobile Suit Gundam (1979 – 1980; 機動戦士ガンダム), a pop culture staple in Japan, and the pioneer in the mechanism of bipedal  “real robots”. Since then, I wanted to complete the gundam series in order, even though I’ve already watched recent series such as 00 (Double O), Unicorn, and Build Fighters. I also watched some of the OVAs taking place during or after the One Year War.

At the moment, I’m on hold at Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

The same time, while watching MSG, I jotted down my quick rambles on the 43 episodes and made a series. I want to relieve those thoughts again – after cleaning them up and posting them here.

This is episode 1 through 5. However, I talked about episode 1 and 2 more than anything 😉

From 2010 (with some modifications)

Usually I speak about what happens in a single episode, but I’m just going to make a outline on what I’ve seen so far. Everything is just being pulled out of my blurry head now.

So, at the beginning of the episode, we learn a thing or two about this classic: The year is 0079 UC or Universal Century. That is an epoch after Anno Domini (AD) where humans have moved from Earth to Space Colonies that imitate life.

Of course there’s trouble. There is the Republic of Zeon, who has waged war against Earth (and Earth Federation) for their independence.

On one of the colonies (Side 7?), we meet this kid named Amuro Ray. He’s obsessed over technology, skipping breakfast to work on his computer. A friend of his, girl named Frau Bow, goes to tell Amuro about an evacuation. Earth Federation has been building a special mobile suit on the colony and Zeon mobile units (called Zakus) under the charge of officer Char Aznable were sent for recon, but one of the Zaku pilot idiots attacked. Amuro goes to look for his father, who was helping in boarding that one special mobile suit on a ship called the White Base (Zeon would nickname it the Trojan Horse).

During the attack, Frau Bow’s grandfather and mother dies. A little shocking as she had witnessed it.

Amuro found a stinkin’ manual and managed to activate the special mobile suit: ZA GUNDAM! RX-78!

So the Zakus have trouble against the gundam because it  has some anti-ballistic armor, and the gundam has a cut-like-a-knife-through-butter BEAM SWORD. Amuro managed to beat the two Zakus. Oh, apparently the Zaku units use nuclear reactors for engines so when its hit, it explodes dramatically and can really cause some damage.

So episode two through five is about Earth Fed/White Base taking the evacuees to Earth and being pursued by Char Aznable and Zeon. Char, who is called the Red Comet, is a persistent fellow. He is also competent, but has been underestimating the gundam.

We are introduced to characters like Hayato Kobayashi, Kai Shiden, and Ryu (who I think will die). The gundam gets a rocket launcher and a beam gun.

And really, Char vs Amuro rivalry heats up really fast! Our first rivalry, and is it not the best?

Might have to have an analysis about that too?


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