Sonic Memories II: Sonic 2

Time for more memories of twenty-plus-year-old Sonic the Hedgehog. This time, I’m going to talk about the sequel of the first Sonic game, simply called Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Just a reminder, I am only going by my memory and feeling of playing the game.

Features from the first game such as simple controls, FANTASTIC music, and stages designed to adapt to high speed were kept, but significant changes that stick out of my mind are the following:

  • The introduction of Miles “Tails” Prower the fox
  • 2 Player Mode (including vs mode)
  • With the exception of Metropolis, Sky Chase, Wing Fortress and Death Egg, the acts of the levels are reduced from three to two.
  • New awesome special stages!
  • I think the Spin Dash in introduced
  • Introduction of n
  • The sneakers of Sonic’s game model is changed

Tails…would always get bashed. He has an anti fandom. I guess it’s because he’s slower than Sonic, his A.I is a bit incompetent (basically following your button input behind a couple seconds?), and he would mess you up in the special stages sometimes thanks to said slow A.I. Also the later games, where he gets a voice over, might have something to do with. But hey, he’s immortal! How can you beat that?

I don’t hate Tails at all, and I like foxes. He is also a genius engineer, probably well know as the pilot of the Tornado. When it comes, check out my thoughts on Tails Adventures.

In my opinion, if you like Sonic music, the theme for Emerald Hill Zone (the FIRST stage) is a big winner. It’s like a start of a new day, a new Sonic game. When the music of Emerald Hill starts, you’re swept into playing enthusiastically because you’re expecting a good game and good music.

Easily one of my favorite Sonic songs if asked.

video owner: SonicKai

Sonic 2 had probably the funnest Special Stages; and if not, then definitely one of my favorite music themes in Sonic game history.

It does get tougher and frustrating in later stages, AND I think I got ALL of the emeralds ONLY once. To get the Chaos Emeralds, you are transported into a funnel where you are supposed to catch a specific amount of rings while dodging bombs. This funnel serves as a prototype for special stages of later Sonic games. When Sonic 1 had a dizzying rotating labyrinth, Sonic 2 had the “run, catch, and dodge” idea.

How to reach the special stages is different from Sonic 1 as well. Instead of reaching the end of the stage with fifty rings, all you have to do is pass a save post (a checkpoint?) with fifty rings, and jump into the ring of stars hovering over it. The problem is that sometimes you have a tendency to pass it with your high speed.

Player: “Holding on to D_Pad, running.”

Post: *makes a ding sound when you pass it*

Player: “AHHH!” (Presses other direction to brake. Which takes like 1.5 seconds)

Special Stages!

video owner: Press it!

Like Sonic 1, stages with water (and its drowning music) continues to be a nuisance. Chemical Plant is no exception. The water has a purple color, and it seems to forebode poison or doom if you dare touch it. It doesn’t help that there are death pits under the surface either. Just like the boss of Sonic 1’s Labyrinth Zone, the water rises and recedes in Chemical Plant.

Sonic 2 also starts a trend among Sonic games: Obligatory Las Vegas, pinball, or amusement park looking stage with bright lights (S1’s Starlight Zone was more of an urban city so I didn’t consider it). In this case, it’s Casino Night Zone, and it was a total blast to go into the slots to win rings. Also, you can bounce off flippers.

Doggie TRIVIA:

  • It took me over ten years to beat the whole game because the final boss would give me a lot of trouble. I wasn’t very smart. 😉  TO be honest, I thought the boss was impervious everywhere except the underbelly.
  • Mystic Cave Zone (6th stage): This stage had a caterpillar like enemy in there that was would stick out the trees to attack you. It used to scare me.



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