Sonic Memories I: Sonic 1

On June 2011, the famous mascot of the Sega Company Sonic the Hedgehog turned twenty years old. Therefore, Sega wanted everyone to share their memories of Sonic on Twitter under the hashtag #sonic20th.

In the header above is my VERY own Sonic 1 instruction manual! Set next to it is my booklet of Tails Adventures, which is for the Gear Gear handheld system.

My Sonic Memories Series is, basically, my little excited prattles in length about the Sonic games I’ve had the pleasure in playing throughout the years. I thought that I had too much to share, and I want to do more. There are still other games I have yet to touch, such as Sonic 4.

We’ll start with the very first game Sonic the Hedgehog, or simply Sonic 1, for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive.

Starting with some important music: The first level of this game, GREEN HILL ZONE.

The Sonic 1 game came with my Genesis when it was first purchased. That is why I can’t forget it. After I started playing the first game, both Sonic the Hedeghog and Sega would become icons within my “game life” for years.

I can never forget this game because it came with my Genesis/MD. I put it in the cartridge, turned on the console, then BOOM! Sonic appeared on the screen in pretty 16-bit color waving his finger. When you press start, “GREEN HILL ZONE! ACT 1” slides across the screen, and then you were off, running for a couple of seconds, jumping to catch shiny gold rings, and across the fish-infested bridge. Back then, I don’t think there was such a fast-paced game.

There was “Excitebike” of NES, but Sonic 1’s vivid color and its stages’ flat and hilly structures complemented Sonic’s speed beautifully. There was this good feeling you get from holding the D-pad to collect running speed.

Sonic 1 has very simplistic gameplay. You had the start button, D-pad, and three simple buttons used for jump. All you had to do was move, pause, and jump. A strength of Sonic 1 was the flow of the speed on a 2-D stage, the game giving you this loose freedom of running so quickly across loops and inclines, and the camera following you perfectly. Something was great about that. Another strength IS THE MUSIC of the game, and I don’t think music from the Sonic games has waned. Sure, I’m not that big of a rock or pop fan for the contemporary music of today’s Sonic games, but some are still entertaining.

Hardest level was probably Labyrinth Zone, ugh. A water maze that impedes your movement; enjoy some irony in a Sonic game.

Or maybe the hardest was Scrap Brain Zone, which is the last level. Labyrinth had a terrible boss too. I know when I last played Sonic 1 (few years ago?), these stages gave me the most trouble.

In my opinion, these are the cons of Sonic 1:

This goes for Sonic series in whole: Drowning and the DROWNING music. Also, water makes you sluggish. (It’s almost worse in later 3-D games. You can’t enter the water unless there’s actual aquatic sections of the stage).

  • Special stages for Chaos Emeralds. You’re in a rotating confinement that changes speed. It can give you nausea and it’s tough to navigate.
  • Labyrinth Zone’s boss
  • Collecting 50 rings in later levels (to get to special stage)
  • Spike pits
  • Prone to falling in Starlight Zone and Scrap Brain zone

I think I only beat Sonic 1 two or three times with all of the Chaos Emeralds.

I’m also very lenient when fighting the last boss.



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