Starting off


This is my official blog, blog of Youtuber Doggieworld3 because I’ve been through I believe 2 accounts already (or my first youtube account had the number 2)?

Anyways, this blog is, to explain without any rambling of passion, is for fun. You’ll never know what you find here. From abstracting philosophy to reviews of book and movies,  it’s whatever that crosses my head.

Also, I am desperate for money. So I figured that to earn, do something that I know. Why am I desperate? It is a personal story that I will explain in due time.  This is the basis – desirable work is not at my reach and I am babysitting.

But, I was also not that confident about blogging. Blogging receives views and I don’t want to give off the wrong impression. Sure, I can have opinion, but I want fair, abstract opinions based more on research.

I did blogging before in a “leadership position”, believing that I had a big enough “open mind”, and that I had enough patience, compassion, and knowledge. I am easily misinterpreted when it comes to relaying that knowledge; my fingers fly so fast across the keyboard (and I do mean over 60 wpm) and miss the spacebar often; somehow a word goes absent from my mind and I forget to type it in; I slide through phrases while reading them and don’t absorb all I read, and sometimes I make knee-jerk reactions.

So pretty much, I get insulted for a mistake or two, or for having a few holes. More then enough, then I get afraid to do arguments. Afraid because I feel like I can’t properly show merits and faults of something.

So by increasing my lack of confidence, life goes into a standstill.
Also, I don’t have panels, workshops, or podcasts. Very ordinary. This is a very ordinary blog and channel that I have.

But I’m always told: Keep making mistakes to do better.


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