Fairy Tail War Windaria

Instead of a typing up a full article, this is more like a succinct, short-to-read evaluation.

Windaria, full title is Fairy Tail War Windaria (童話めいた戦史ウインダリア), is a 1986 Japanese anime movie. Easily a clear depiction of humans led by their various mental fancies, mixed with Romeo and Juliet. How things can spiral down to Hell in over an hour. Because there isn’t much time, a short story should make a fixed point.

Directed by Yuyama Kunihiko (GoShogun, Pokemon Series, Orange Road, Slayers movies, Galaxy Express) and script/idea from Fujiwara Keisuke (tons of sci-fi and tokusatsu).

I might fully review it one day if I can remember the details. Also, one of my favorite singers performing a heartrending ED theme.


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